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Why “New Town Clinic” of New Town Rajarhat Kolkata?

About New Town Clinic

NewTown Clinic is becoming the ‘peoples’ choice’ of health care centre in NewTown, Kolkata, with the recent addition of more medical practitioners and doctors to this unique medical clinic.
Our doctors’ hub has now opened up its doors to other alternative medicine practices as well. These include homeopathy and ayurveda.

We have also recruited and offered chambers to more dentists, general physicians, pediatricians and gynecologists in the current course of time. Our aim is simple; it is none other than to diversify the meaning of what a best health clinic and diagnostics centre looks and feels like.

We at NewTown Clinic, Kolkata, want to open up and expand the boundaries of medical treatment and sciences.

The experienced in-house doctors at NewTown Clinic, Kolkata, will give you the most advanced and affordable treatments for any type of health issue, you come with.
As it is important to note that all the doctors have experience in their respective fields ranging from 8 – 34 years!

The first of its kind, NewTown Clinic is a polyclinic that has the vision of merging both conventional and alternative form of medicine together.

This initiative makes NewTown Clinic a diversified medical clinic in Kolkata, by bringing Allopathy, Homoeopathy and Ayurveda all under the same roof!

Nonetheless, the choice is completely yours, as of what form of medical treatment you want.

  • Are you searching for an experienced women health specialist and gynecologist in Kolkata? You have come to the right place.
  • Want the top notch pediatric care and specialists for your child? Then NewTown Clinic is what you are looking for!
  • Or, is it that you want to beautify yourself by undergoing cosmetic dental treatment, smile correction and porcelain finish veneer installation? Then it’s needless to say, our dental clinic division will please you with total satisfaction!

Our broad range of treatment and services is specially designed to help cater all your medical needs at one place, and thereby cutting down the hassle of visiting different clinics for different diagnoses.

Other facilities and services that make NewTown Clinic stand apart:

We offer free medical, dental and eye checkups for underprivileged school students, street and slum children, and other socially challenged patients!

We also distribute free pair of glasses, spectacles and shades to needy patients along with providing free cataract operation!
In these activities other reputed NGOs, hospitals and social service organiser also participate, to make it more happening and successful!
Plus, 10% discount on all fees and dental services for senior citizens!

So, what are you waiting for!?
Plan your visit soon with the doctor of your choice about whatever health problems you have.
Why sit down and spend days in worries, when you have the best doctors in town to help you out, in your times of medical emergency and health queries!
For further details and to book your appointment right now, refer to our ‘Visit Us’ section, down below!

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