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Typically Ayurveda takes more time than Allopathy, to treat any disease or illness!
But that doesn’t mean, it will take lifetime.
If you start ayurvedic treatment from an early stage of your illness, then it will take comparatively less time to show the medicine’s effects!

Technically, Ayurveda is a form of medicine, that deals with chemicals occurring naturally. Plants, ores, minerals, roots, trees, mountain soil, sea water, etc, used to be the sources of such ayurvedic medicines.
But throughout the ages, Ayurveda has seen significant growth and prosperity. Many experiments have been done on ayurvedic medicines to increase their levels of potency! So, these medicines have an early onset, or works faster than before!

The answer completely depends on what type of illness you are suffering from.
There’s nothing called restrictions in its real sense. There are foods that are favourable in your condition, and there are foods that are bad for the same!
When you go for ayurvedic healing, a diet chart is devised for you based on your unique health conditions!
It’s better to follow such a diet, as it is coordinated with the medicines you will be taking.

But obviously you can consult your doctor if there’s any part of your diet you are unsure or worried about!

Not necessarily.
Proper ayurvedic medicines from the hands of good doctors, don’t contain compounds that are harmful to your health.

You should know that these medicines are extracted from naturally occurring substances. Making of ayurvedic medicines undergoes vigorous refinement! The end product only contains those compounds that will treat your disease!

Even if it contains traces of toxic metals, then that’s on purpose. To some extent ayurveda also believes in the theory of “Like cures Like”. So you will only be taking medicines that are suitable for you. And if you still have questions regarding the ingredient content of your medicine, then feel free to ask your doctor, and you should be provided with the correct answers to your queries!

Too much of anything is not good, and every medicine has it’s side effects.
In scientific terms, a side effect is the unwanted action of a medicine.
To initiate the desired action, a medicine reacts with several components of our body, and ayurvedic medicine is no different.

But, that doesn’t mean one should ignore medications! To lower the side effects, the practitioner will help you out in various ways possible.
Finally, what matters is, whether or not you are taking the right medicines to get well! Only a proper and well trained ayurvedic practitioner can help you out well, in treating your medical condition, with reduced side effects!

It is strongly advised not to do self medication and experimentation with any kind of medicine, be it ayurvedic, allopathic or homeopathic.
If you are handling more than one kind of medication simultaneously, then make sure you are not doing it all by yourself.

You should have a detailed talk with your respective doctors, and discuss your medications thoroughly.
Obviously not all medications tally well with each other! Only doctors can you help you out with the correct combinations of medicines!

There’s no need to worry about anything unusual. You can pretty well expect to experience a very normal appointment, as what happens in other appointments with any conventional doctor.

Since Ayurveda deals with both physical and spiritual healing, hence you can expect to face questions that might sound impractical. Like, say for example, how often do you have mood swings, what type of lifestyle you lead, with what kind of people you mix, what kind of environments you find suitable to live, and anything as such!
But you should not lose hope hearing questions like those! Well-being, strongly involves theories of physical health, psychology, psychonautics and so on!
To be precise everything that exists in this world, influences our health and well being!
Most importantly, there are high chances that you might really like your appointment with a good Ayurveda practitioner!
Also once you come out from that appointment, you might feel motivated and energised!

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