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NewTown Dental Clinic in New Town, tries the best to cater the increasing demand for Dentists, Cosmetic Dentists and Pediatric Dentists in Kolkata.
People are no doubt getting more passionate about their oral health and hygiene more than ever before.
And, why shouldn’t they be?
Dentistry has advanced so much and dental treatments have become so affordable, that it is highly unsmart not to take advantage of this!

What makes New Town Clinic an one stop solution for all dental services and emergency dental care in New Town, Rajarhat and Salt Lake areas of Kolkata?

Both adult and pediatric dentistry have been brought under one roof, in New Town Clinic, Kolkata.
Plus it is pretty easy to reach our dental clinic if you live in Rajarhat, New Town, and Salt Lake. So, be it you are searching for a children’s dentist, or your own personal orthodontist for periodical checkups, New Town clinic is your answer, to all dental health issues.

Despite this, the special care and importance we give to cosmetic dentistry, probably make us successful in establishing the first of its kind, complete oral health care and dental office in New Town, Kolkata, for both adults and kids.

However, the biggest concern, has always remained the search for emergency dentists, and checking whether or not clinics are open and doctors are available, on saturdays and sundays.
To help you out with this, our New Town Clinic is open in the weekend, and doctors are available nearly 7 days a week. Give us a call, or check our doctors’ list, to see which dentist can help you out in your times of emergency, and who is available on saturdays and sundays.

New Town Clinic uses Autoclaving for advance level sterilization of dental instruments

You can be well assured about the high quality hygiene and sterilization technique we maintain at New Town Clinic.
When most of the dental clinics and hospitals in Kolkata use proper steam sterilization techniques for dental instrument sterilization, we at NewTown Clinic use Autoclave for authentic sterilization.

Autoclaving helps us to process high temperature steam to be fumed into a chamber, at high pressure, which enables us to maintain state of the art hygiene.
It is important that you have some idea about what is autoclave and why you should be visiting clinics that pioneer in Autoclave sterilization, rather than normal sterilizing methods.

Dental instruments are delicate and demands sophistication when using them. It is impossible to always use new instruments for different patients, as dental instruments are very costly.
So, our only option left is to make sure, that we sterilize our dental instruments thoroughly before they are applied on a patient.

While normal steaming methods will definitely remove most of the microorganisms settled on the instruments, Autoclave will take the cleaning process to a whole new different level.
Normal steam injected in a vessel, containing the instruments, will condense on the microorganisms by transferring the heat to them, which will destroy the microbes and other disease causing agents.
But Autoclave, will do the same thing, only that it will apply a high pressure and high temperature combination.

As per Gay Lussac’s Gas Law, when you increase the temperature of a given quantity of gas, it exerts a high pressure on the container’s wall, or the nearby surroundings.
Imagine water for instance. When we are heating it at a high temperature, it will start to boil and emit steam. Now, what will happen when we start to heat this steam further?
The steam will start to get saturated and dry, by obtaining a huge amount of latent heat!
We can get this superheated steam by applying a huge amount of pressure, which will help the steam to obtain high temperature!
And, we can obtain this superheated steam only by using Autoclave!

The auto lock system of Autoclave, makes it possible for this superheated steam to continuously exert pressure on the dental instruments stored inside the autoclave, for sterilization.
The time span for autoclaving is somewhere around 30 mins to 45 mins. The superheated steam will exert huge pressure on the instruments, giving optimum level of sterilization, which a normal steam chamber fails to do.

Therefore, make sure that the dental clinic you are visiting, is using autoclave! And, New Town Clinic gives you this assurance. Our doctors never compromise on hygiene as it is the basic step toward high class treatment.
Hence, choose Autoclave, choose the best!

Common FAQ related to dental health care:

Dark lines or spots at the gum line are caused due to gum recession, or formation of tar, because of excessive smoking or using tobacco products.
Obviously there are many reasons, but black lines are not to be overlooked. You got to see, if the dark line is a layer, or your gum has started to reveal the lower portions of your teeth. If it’s a layer, then probably professional scaling or cleaning will help.
But if the gum line seems to have come down from the initial level, thereby exposing the dark layer, then you must immediately see a doctor!

A small speck of blood is okay, but if the bleeding is consistent, then it is not normal.
UUsually, a change in toothbrush, or a change in water, or even a change in toothpaste can result in minor bleeding.
But if everytime you floss or brush, there’s bleeding, then the problem could be with gingivitis, tartar, cavity, plaque, or bruxism.
Refer to an expert, if the bleeding persists for a long time.

Anatomically, Crown is the visible part of a tooth, where we can see the enamel cover.
However in cosmetic dentistry, Crown is an external covering done on the enamel, so as to protect the tooth from further decay or shaving!
Cap is just the colloquial term for Crown. There’s absolutely no difference between Cap and Crown!

Root canal is repairing a defective or decaying tooth.
The dentist, will first remove the debris of dead tissues and decaying enamel. Then it will be filled with a plasma or latex like substance, and a crown will be placed on top of the teeth as the final procedure!
The method might sound costly for some, but is definitely better than a tooth replacement.
Pulling out a tooth might result in infection, which can become way more painful and costly to treat than a root canal.

Gap between teeth can occur due to many reasons.
However treatment is possible. If the gap is due to uneven tooth movements, then getting braces might help.
But a dentist can also suggest you to go for bridges, implants or partial denture.
Consult an expert and see whether or not you have periodontal disease.

Tartar, Plaque, Cavities and infections are the main reasons behind bad breath!
So bad breath should not be ignored. Even though it can be a cause of indigestion or other bowel related issues, but hidden cavities can turn out to be the real problem.
In the meantime try using mouthwash, or change your toothpaste. If the problem still persists then you should visit the doctor!

Dental implants are metallic frames embedded into your jawbone to provide the platform or base for an artificial tooth.
Implants are good, as you’d barely feel that you have an artificial tooth.
Usually with proper hygiene and care, an implant can last somewhere around 15 years. But extensive wear and tear can shorten its life.

Regular dental check up helps monitor tooth decay, spreading of gum infection, oral cavities and etc.
Also it’s upto you to take notice of any new occurrence of oral and gum health related issues in your mouth.
A sudden pain when flossing or brushing teeth, or bleeding gums can become difficult to cure, if left untreated.

If you ever notice, any form of swelling, bleeding, pain, discoloration, and/or numbness in any oral area, you should take immediate action by consulting a dentist straight away.
Dental cavities and tooth decay can be very misleading, as they can take place due to many hidden reasons. Examples include Gingivitis, infection, ulcer, oral cancer and many more.
An infection or decomposition if left untreated can lead to several complications. So consult a dentist if you even get the slightest hint of tooth decay, cavity, or above mentioned symptoms and signs.

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B.M. Mukherjee
B.M. Mukherjee

Dear Doctor, What will be approximate cost of dental implant, I am getting very high fees from other clinics, which is not affordable for me

Anindya Nandy
Anindya Nandy

Very good suggestive by Mr. And Mrs. Indra about dental. My wife was suffering long time with the problem of teeth. After found the clinic i was an appointment with it, they are so helpful. Today we are in 2nd sitting in position. My wives teeth problem are null now. Mrs. Indra has taking care of root canal and my tension has gone after getting valuable suggestion and less of medicine practices. Wish the clinic will become famous and all patients will get a positive thinking about their teeth. Also the doctors fees are more reasonable from other clinic. People… Read more »

Anjana Bhowmick
Anjana Bhowmick

Thank you for the information. I have been suffering from poorly shaped gum lines. I was looking for a good dental clinic to get braces or implants dome. This is helpful.