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Some interesting FAQs related to general medicine and illnesses:

A very tough question to answer!
Fever is not a disease or an illness. It is itself a symptom of something unusual going in your organs or your body, to be precise.
When an alien particle or a microorganism starts to infest your body or organs, your immune system responses back to drive out this foreign entity.
This is exactly when your body’s temperature rises, thereby giving you the feverish feeling.

Your body experiences a high temperature when there is an infection breeding inside you. This could either be a viral infection or bacterial.
By only looking at the fever you can’t tell, what particular infection is this fever talking of. But, if you are little intelligent, you might be able to understand the other physical effects along with the fever, to tell what type of an infection you are subjected to.

A viral infection is usually followed by shrill headaches, runny nose, and pain in the sinuses! But a bacterial infection induces a fever which is a bit dry.
However, not all viral infections show the flu like symptoms!
Moreover, bacterial infection are easier to notice. Most common is probably an abscess, that increases your body temperature, as they start to swell and get filled with pus, with redness visible in the surrounding areas.

Even if you are sure about the infection, then also you shouldn’t take medicines on your own. Visit the doctor, and start a treatment accordingly.
Else the bacterias or viruses will grow resistant to the proper medicines! This will result in severe untreatable illnesses in the future.

A very unique set of bacterias, that are resistant to many antibiotics, and deserve special treatments, that involve new-gen antibiotics.
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) type of bacterias has grown resistance to many antibiotics over the ages.

Previously, Cephalexin or other common methicillin class of antibiotics were used to treat MRSA infections. Now, however, only a few modern antibiotics have the power to treat this complex form of bacterial infection.
Typically hospital patients, or unhygienic communities are prone to this infection, but it can definitely happen to anyone.

The clear cut symptoms to look out for, are mild to high fever with a formation of a carbuncle or abscess, that swells up with redness, pretty fast.

To cut this answer short, no painkiller is good for your health.
Painkillers are nothing less than a sedative. They are drugs, and you can get addicted to them, and make it a habit forming issue.
You should try to avoid painkillers as much as possible.

At times, paracetamols also function as painkillers and anti-inflammatory sedative. You should be aware of that too.
Moreover, don’t try to treat any fever, pain or swelling related problems on your own.
Consult a doctor, and get yourself proper treatment in the right time.

This is one of the most complex state of human physiology, and whose treatments are still under a process of development.
Usually the term originates from Poikilotherms, who can regulate their body temperatures in total relation with the environment. Examples are amphibians and vertebrates.
Poikilotherms usually represent a very low metabolic activity margin, and completely depend on the temperature fluctuations of the environment, to adjust their own core body temperature.

This same condition when inhibited by humans, is a major concern.
A very basic scenario could be, a poikilothermic human might feel cold, even if the outside temperature is scorching hot, like some 45 degrees Celsius, or so.
That’s because in poikilothermia, the person starts to reach a temperature above the normal environment temperature, and thereby feel cold!

Substance abuse, Anxiety, malnutrition, can all lead to poikilothermia. If you believe that you are getting shivers in the summer, and are sweating in the winters, then you better consult a doctor as soon as possible!
For, this is not normal!

At times, we humans tend to forget, that our mental health is highly influenced by the physical health.
Anxiety is a diverse field of study, and it results from many underlying issues. Some could obviously be psychological or psychiatric. But, the most interesting part is, anxiety can also originate from many physical health factors. These can be high blood pressure, cancer, obesity, malnutrition and so on.

Home remedies for GAD include regular exercising (this doen’t mean hitting the gym and doing weight lifting, rather do yogas and anything that doesn’t exert both mental and physical pleasure), eating lots of vegetables and fruits, maintaining a healthy sleep-cycle, and most importantly understanding that anxiety can be used to do great and productive works.

But, try to treat your anxiety disorder by taking proper help from recognized psychiatrists and psychologists. If kept suppressed and the anxiety leads to panic, then things can get more worse, than you can imagine.

Overeating can lead to many disorders, and Bulimia Nervosa is just one of them.
Usually people who are over conscious of their body weight and physical appearances, tend to exhibit Bulimia at a greater level.
Plus drug use, and other mental disorders can also lead to this distinct type of illness.

Bulimia syndrome is readily detected when a person consumes a large quantity of food over a short period of time.
After which the patient is compelled to forcefully vomit out the food consumed, due to restlessness and pseudo thoughts of falling terribly ill resulting from the huge amount of food consumed.

If you have grown a habit of binge eating and intentionally vomiting after every meals, then you should consult a doctor right away.
If untreated, Bulimia can lead to severe consequences!

You need not have to be a diabetic to suffer from sugar addiction. Infact, more surprisingly nearly every second human being is addicted to sugar.
And, this is probably the most dangerous substance made economically available to the human civilization.
This is destroying many lives and unknowingly people are still breeding the habit of huge sugar intake.

It is seen that sugar activates the reward systems of the brain just like any other drug does to the human brain. And, this is the sole reason why you feel happy after every time you eat or drink something sugary.
Consuming excess amount of sugar, surely increases chances of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and cancer! But, most astonishingly it can kill you mentally with time. In no time, you grow dependency and tolerance to this drug, which eats you inside out!

The only remedy is therefore to cut the consumption of refined sugar, and only use n atural sources of sugar, like fruits for example.
Also take low amounts of carbohydrates in your meals.

Few of the dangerous illnesses to treat on your own. Headaches can mean a lot of things, and not only migraine.
If you are having an on-going headache for a long time followed by depressed mood swings, or a high body temperature, then it is not to be neglected at all.

Migraine issues are impossible to discuss without a proper consultation or a face to face assessment.
Therefore, you should consult your doctor and discuss problems in full detail. Also, don’t try to take medicines on your own for headaches and migraines. Things can then escalate too much, that you can not imagine currently.

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