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Homoeopathy developed a huge following, as it believes in the philosophy of “like cures like” or “poison kills poison”.
Treatment involving Homoeopathy is time taking, and it settles mostly on the patient’s power of hope and belief!

Homoeopathy treats the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the patient as a whole unit! It strongly agrees that the mental health and physical health is connected. It is utter foolishness to treat them separately.
As with any branch of medicine, homoeopathy is also in a state of development!
So if you are ready to devote time and patience to treat your illnesses, then Homoeopathy is no doubt a good call!

The question is not of small doses, but it is relying on the potency of the medicine.
There’s this thing, that many doctors and homoeopaths spend most of the time studying. It’s called the “Water Memory”.

Water memory is a logic, that considers water to have a memory, just like us human beings, for example.
It states that whenever any substance or chemical touches water, it leaves a lasting impression on the water.

Homoeopathy remedies and medicines are completely based on this theory of “Water Memory”. It doesn’t even matter whether or not a single molecule of the substance is present after it is diluted in water, or alcohol ( Two most common solvents used in homoeopathy medicines). What matters is that, the more diluted is the medicine, and lesser the trace of the original substance in the medicine, the better is the effectiveness of the remedy!

Homoeopathy is no doubt time taking, and you need to have patience if you are planning to go for this branch of alternative medicine.
Moreover the emotional aspect plays a great role in homoeopathy.
It is you, who need to carry on with the span of treatment, and stick to it, without doubting the results. Just as with any other branch of medicines, say allopathy or ayurveda!
But usually homeopathic remedies take time to work!

Homoeopathy medicines are usually flexible with timings. You can take a medicine either half an hour before or after taking food!

Still there are exceptions, and restrictions to food and beverages you can consume, when you are under medication. Have a detailed talk with your doctor if you have any question regarding your medication.

Till date there have been no such cases of absurd side effects reported in the history of Homoeopathy medicines.

But for your knowledge you need to understand one thing. Any remedy in this branch of medicine has the tendency to elevate the symptoms of your illness, in the initial stage of treatment!
However it’s better to consult your doctor, if you feel your body is showing allergic response or uneasiness to any medicine!

Technically homoeopathic medicines don’t have an expiration date.
It all depends on how the medicine is stored!

To maintain the potency and efficacy of the medicine, you should store it away from sunlight, and avoid any type of contamination!

Certain allopathic medicines like those for diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure and any other chronic illnesses, can be infused or taken together with homoeopathic medicines.

But it’s always better to consult your doctor, and discuss in full detail if you can take both medications at the same time.

But in some cases, the efficacy of homeopathic medicines may get altered under the influence of allopathic medicines. Like for example, medicines or foods containing vitamin C may interfere with the potency of homeopathic medicines!

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