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Types of Pediatric treatment offered in NewTown Clinic, Kolkata:

The child specialists at New Town Clinic, Kolkata, expertises in several chronic and acute illnesses, including Chicken Pox, ENT infections, Measles, Allergies, Pneumonia, Meningitis and so on!
Here is a list of some common chronic and acute child health issues, and whether or not you will receive treatment clinic for the same.
Treatment done in Newtown Clinic, Kolkata : Yes
Best Preferred Pediatrician(s) : Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

Cause and characteristics:
Results from viral infections, usually caused by low immune system and drastic weather changes. Also low immunity power in children can be the basic cause for frequent cold and coughs.

Signs and Symptoms:
Usual flu like symptoms, that include runny nose, mild to high fever, and sometimes allergic rashes.
Mild muscle aches, sore throat, phlegm and headache are common phenomena.

Health Hazard:
Mild to Serious.
Complications might lead to ear and nose infection.

Paracetamols and cough suppressants should work. But not all medicines suit all children. Experts advise not to home medicate children. So, it’s better to consult a pediatrician!

Treatment done in Newtown Clinic, Kolkata : Yes
Best Preferred Pediatrician(s) : Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

Cause and characteristics:
Chickenpox is highly contagious and becomes acute, if left untreated. Sometimes mistaken for normal rashes and allergies, Chickenpox is caused by the Varicella Zoster Virus.
Infection spreads quickly, and the patient should be kept isolated so as to avoid contamination!

Signs and Symptoms:
The onset of chickenpox is usually late, as clear symptoms become visible after 1 week to 10 days of the virus infection!
Early symptoms include pain in throat; rashes on head, face, chest, and in acute stages the rashes start appearing all over the body.
Followed by high fever, muscle ache, uneasiness, and fatigue, the peak phase of chickenpox infection lasts not more than 1 week.
But rashes take a long time to disappear, and spreading of infection might still take place if treatment is stopped abruptly!

Health Hazard:
Serious to Fatal.
Complications may arise which results in Pneumonia, brain inflammation, very high fever, and in rare cases multi organ failure.

Child specialist doctors at our New Town Clinic advise that children should get a chickenpox vaccine by the age of 1 year and 3 months!
Other ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatments are sometimes observed to be beneficial and fruitful! Normal home remedies include rubbing neem leaves lightly over the rashes, and giving cool compresses!
However, never neglect chickenpox symptoms in your children, and consult a pediatrician right away!

Treatment done in Newtown Clinic, Kolkata : Yes
Best Preferred Pediatrician(s) : Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

Cause and characteristics:
Also known as Pertussis, whooping cough is caused due to bacterial infection by the bacterium Bordetella Pertussis.
Highly contagious, Whooping cough might result in many complications, and the child can remain ill for many days. For such reasons Pertussis or Whooping cough is sometimes nicknamed the “100 day cough”.

Signs and Symptoms:
Severe coughing, followed by normal flu like symptoms in the early stages of the bacterial infection onset.
Runny nose, exhaustion, and high fever worsens the infection.
Chest pain, and difficulty in breathing can really become difficult for children to cope up with.

Health Hazard:
Mild to Serious to Fatal!
Long periods of whooping cough result in complications including rib fracture, fainting after severe episodes of coughing, subconjunctival hemorrhage, and many more.

Available vaccines include the pertussis vaccine. Vaccination should be done in the first few weeks of the child’s birth.
Home remedies are usually not available, as the disease is caused by bacteria and not virus. Antibiotics and other immunity boosters are given, only available in child health clinics after consulting child specialists.

Treatment done in Newtown Clinic, Kolkata : Yes
Best Preferred Pediatrician(s) : Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

Cause and characteristics:
A serious form of viral infection, caused by measles virus, that can turn out to be extremely dangerous and life threatening.
Patients include mostly children, but measles can also have its onset in adults, in their teenage or middle age.

Signs and Symptoms:
Rashes all over the body, while making their first appearance on face, hands and legs.
Unlike chicken pox, the rashes might seem like small warts, and pinkish to reddish in colour.
Followed by high fever and joint pain, measles usually lasts for a week or so, if proper medication is provided in time!

Health Hazard:
Serious to Fatal.
Complications might arise, which are obviously life threatening and serious in nature! Brain inflammation, bronchitis, blindness, pneumonia are a few to name.

The measles vaccine is given to children at an early age, and should be supervised by a child specialist or a pediatrician!
No home remedies are available, and proper treatment can only be done at a child health clinic.

Treatment done in Newtown Clinic, Kolkata : Yes
Best Preferred Pediatrician(s) : Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

Cause and characteristics:
Affects mostly children, Mumps is caused by the mumps virus. The infection from the virus results in Parotitis, thereby representing a swollen face appearance in a child!

Signs and Symptoms:
High fever, and swelling of salivary glands, followed by pain in ear, neck and difficulty in taking gulps, coughing, speaking, and sneezing!
Complications can result into deafness, stiff neck, pneumonia, and meningitis!
Other severe conditions might arise which include brain inflammation and loss of fertility in male teens!

Health Hazard:
Serious to Fatal.
At times cases of mortality are notices in children infected with mumps virus.

Mumps vaccine doses are given to children from an early age at fixed intervals. As there’s no explained treatment for mumps, it is highly advised to take your kid to a Pediatrician, to avoid severe complications.

Treatment done in Newtown Clinic, Kolkata : Yes
Best Preferred Pediatrician(s) : Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

Cause and characteristics:
First and foremost, Diarrhea accounts for the highest hospitalisation rate among children and infants!
The biggest cause for diarrhea among children is the Rotavirus.
Dehydration takes place in severe cases of diarrhea and vomiting, and in most of the case hospitalising the patient is mandatory.

Signs and Symptoms:
Typically, dehydration results in weakness, fatigue, and mild to high fever. But complications can arise which may include passing of blackish stool, along with thick blood, and blood clots in vomit!

Health Hazard:
Mild to Serious to Fatal.
Several cases of death in children below five years of age, is recorded each year, due to dehydration, originating from rotaviral infection and diarrhea!

The rotavirus vaccine is the most effective treatment for rotaviral infection and diarrhea, for children and infants.
Specific medicines can only be suggested after consultation with a child specialist!

Treatment done in Newtown Clinic, Kolkata : Yes
Best Preferred Pediatrician(s) : Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

Cause and characteristics:
Usually Meningitis is caused by an infection due to meningococcal bacteria. But, infections from other forms of bacteria and microorganisms can also lead to meningitis.
The infection spreads fast and easily among body parts. Even though, it is not highly contagious, still isolation of the patient is required!

Signs and Symptoms:
High fever, with severe headache is the first symptom of the infection onset. Which is then followed by neck stiffness and clotting of blood in several areas of the body.
Sometimes, a certain rash like eruption, typical to meningitis, might start to appear all over the body!

Health Hazard:
Serious to Fatal.
Most of the times, complications arise, and treating the disease becomes difficult. Records of death due to meningitis among children is a point of concern for doctors even to this day!

Medication differs from case to case, as many factors leads to Meningitis. Viral and bacterial infection is the most common cause of the disease.
Meningococcal vaccine is highly important for all children to take at an early age. Never ignore any symptom shown by your kid, as conditions become really fatal in meningitis. Only high skilled pediatricians can best treat such a condition in a child!

Fever is a symptom and not a disease. High body temperature can take place due to a lot of reasons.
However you need to be concerned, if the kid starts to show tiredness and fatigue, runny nose, and/or muscle cramps!
Fever should never be ignored, and the child specialists in NewTown Clinic, are always there to help you out.

Child specialists to contact: Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

Foreign objects can enter the ear, nose, or throat due to children’s bad habits of chewing or playing with small objects like nuts, grapes, coins, safety-pins, buttons, bottle caps, batteries and so on.
Don’t try to diagnose your kid all by yourself, if any foreign object gets stuck in her ear, nose or throat.
It can lead to infections and can pose threats to your child’s health.
Treatment includes taking out the foreign object or particle from your kid’s affected body part, either by using specific tools or proper surgery.

Preferred pediatricians: Dr. Chirobikas Sarkar

**In cases of extreme emergency, high end surgery and hospitalisation, pediatricians in NewTown Clinic, might refer the patient to the best child hospitals in kolkata, which may include: **
1) Bhagirathi Neotia Woman and Child Care.
2) Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
3) AMRI (Advanced Medicare and Research Institute)
4) Columbia Asia Hospital
5) Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute, Kolkata

Other common FAQ related to Pediatrics and Child health care:

Kids and infants are very special. They surely demand special care as they are in the very first stages of metamorphosis.
Normal medicines and medication are not suitable for them.
The word Pediatric originates from “Paedo”- (Greek: Of children) and “iatros”- (Greek: Healer/Doctor).

In ancient times people realised that generic medicine dosage and treatment procedures are not the same when it comes to infants. Hence came Pediatrics as a distinct branch of Medicine. And Pediatricians are the practitioners or the doctors in this field!

here are many child health care experts in Kolkata, and searching on Google, will give you satisfactory results.
However, if you are living near NewTown or Rajarhat, then don’t forget to visit NewTown Clinic, for any problem related to child health care!

Vaccination is not only for infants, but can also be applied or given to patients of any age.
Usually it’s always best to take it at an early age, as the body gets enough time to gain immunity against the specific disease, the vaccine is meant for.
So take your child for vaccinations, for a happy life and bright future. Consult a pediatrician before giving any kind of vaccine.
Polio Vaccine, Meningococcal vaccine, Hepatitis A and B vaccine, Tetanus Toxoid vaccine, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine are some of the most common types of vaccinations for children available in Kolkata and other cities of India.

It’s advised to see a fixed pediatrician on a periodic basis. An infant’s health is highly unpredictable. It’s best to keep her under regular checkups for better health and well being!

First call your pediatrician and do whatever the doctor suggests you.
If you can’t reach a pediatrician, then here are the things you should do.

  • 1) Clean the area under running water from a tap or a bottle, or anything you find handy.
  • 2) Don’t panic and examine the burn.
  • 3) If you have any ointment such as Calendula or Aquaphor or anything as such, then apply it mildly.
  • 4) Keep the burn open for sometime, and then wrap it lightly with a gauge or any fresh cotton cloth.
  • 5) For severe burns, wash the area with water without applying any force, and immediately take him to a hospital, or to the pediatrician.

You should keep your kid hydrated, and depending on her age, should consult a pediatrician. In the meantime give her lightweight food, plenty of water, Pedialyte, Electral etc.
But if the condition is severe, like the stool is blackish or pale white, the baby has high fever, drooling eyes and dry mouth, then you should immediately refer to a pediatrician without any delay.
Also keep her in a cool and hygienic place, preferably in an air conditioned room, and avoid direct sunlight.

Though it’s rare, still cancer in children has become a point of study among Oncologists!
Usually, symptoms of cancer are very misleading, and signs go unnoticed most of the time.
Always pay attention to your kid’s health, and keep her under a pediatrician’s supervision, to keep track of health disorders!
Some common symptoms of Cancer may include:

  • Constant mild to high fever.
  • Paleness (visibly face, eyes, and overall skin complexion)
  • Fatigue and tiredness on a daily basis.
  • Abstinence from favourite activities.

Treatment is as obvious complex, and should be diagnosed immediately!

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